1 hour Massage: $75

1 hour Energy Treatment: $75

90 minute Massage and Energy Combo: $100


Energy Treatment

This is an energy based treatment, where you will remain clothed on the table. I will use gentle touch, intuitive energy work, journeying, pressure points, and craniosacral techniques to work with your body’s various energy pathways, emotional blockages, and repetitive patterns which no longer serve you. Through deep listening, we work together to unravel and bring to light the layers of conditioning which are holding you back from the next step on the path to becoming truly healthy: in mind, body and spirit. The session ends with a 10 minute exchange on what may have come up for either of us, and some recommendations to help integrate our work together.


Relax into these sessions with a healing, restorative oil massage. Our focus and pressure will be catered to what you are needing. I will also use pressure points, and include elements of craniosacral therapy. We follow up at the end with stretches, or daily practices which may help your body to better recover (from previous injury or strain), relax and benefit from our session.

Massage and Energy combination

If you are open to, or interested in energy work, but also want the deep relaxation of an oil massage, this is the perfect combination of the two. We begin with a nourishing massage, and slowly move into an intuitive energy treatment. This is also followed by a brief exchange.

Please allow sufficient time for my sessions to go over a bit if needed.

For your first visit, please arrive 10 -15 minutes early in order to fill out an intake form.