Life’s Dance

My spirit needs to dance, and it was through dance that I became curious about the body. I began to follow this interest by training as an RMT in Alberta, and then practicing massage in Yellowknife for 4 years (I am not, however, registered in BC). Over the next 7 years, while moving nomadically across Canada and abroad with my husband and children, I found myself being inspired by and studying many other forms of body and spirit work. These include craniosacral therapy, various types of energy work and pressure point systems, and shamanic journeying. Life eventually brought me to a beautiful piece of land in Roberts Creek, where I am slowly growing roots and community with my own and 3 other families.

Deeper into the Dance…

As I dive deeper, through meditation, dance, yoga and tai chi, and intimate connections with nature, friends, and family, I am learning to let go. Of the story. To step aside and surrender to what is, to listen, connect, and respond to what this moment is calling for. This is the heart of my work.

What can you offer yourself?

There is a vital need for stillness and spaciousness to find a place in our often hectic lives. When we drop into our bodies and sensation, bring awareness to our breath, and relax into a safe place of quiet and surrender, we offer ourselves access to a deeply healing, rejuvenating place. Here we begin to unravel clues to the roots of our suffering, be they emotional, physical, or mental.

Whether you are wishing to simply relax, to release muscle pain or tension, or to drop deeply into stillness and see what unfolds (or all 3!), my work is to listen, and to respond as best I can to what your body is needing. I believe that you are your own greatest healer, and I am simply here to facilitate and help open pathways to deeper healing. These sessions bring us both out of our heads and into our bodies in a spontaneous, collaborative dance.

Each session is open to what you are needing in the moment, and what you are comfortable with. I offer both conventional massage, energy work, or a combination of both (see the ‘offerings’ page for more details).